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NorCal Women in the Fire Service

Engaging and Empowering Women Through Experience

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Empowering Women Through Experience

NorCal Women in the Fire Service (NorCal WFS) seeks to create opportunities that change and shape the lives of women, using skills of the fire service.

Our organization has two purposes. The first is to introduce girls to non-traditional careers, such as the fire service. Second, is to support our members within their own fire service careers. To date, we have hosted eight girls’ fire camps for local teenagers with assistance from local fire agencies and state groups. In the future, we plan to offer training classes, hiring preparation and facilitate various events including a summits with local leaders to discuss recruiting and hiring diverse talent.


NorCal WFS establishes a safe place where girls can be mentored in non-traditional work by female firefighters.  We want to show girls that their career goals are limited only by their ambition. We teach them that they have the internal strength to overcome any obstacle.  Additionally, our members benefit through teaching and mentoring the next generation of women. In short, we want to support, maintain, and improve diversity in the fire service.


We believe the communities we serve will benefit from having a diverse workforce of first responders who understand them and the community at large. By having professional female firefighters teaching girls to challenge their beliefs about their own potential, we hope to help correct the disparate impact of there being too few women and other under-represented demographic groups in the fire service.  Our hope is to spark interest and help set career goals in the fire service, public safety, or other non-traditional work while girls are young and still making their career decisions.

​We are passionate about our work and confident in our purpose.  Thank you for visiting our site to see what we are about!

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